Airfield Pavement Maintenance Works (APMW)

Christchurch Airport, Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch airport conducts annual pavement maintenance to ensure optimum performance of its most important asset. And it is no easy task. How do you maintain thousands of square metres of pavement when both the pavement to be repaired and access to it is in full-time use? The answer is with planning, technical expertise, communication, and teamwork.


Operational restrictions, intermittent work windows, and ever-changing weather require constant adaptation and increased levels of coordination to accomplish work shifts. So, a collaborative effort of the whole team is paramount to success.

The success of an APMW project begins with a solid design based on reliable investigations and assessments. The detailed design can still accommodate innovations and at times, trial products. However, the operational planning and coordination, with the national and international aviation network in mind, dictates accessibility to the site for the maintenance works.

Once onsite, the success of a night’s work at times spread out over a large area is only realised through prior planning and preparation, pre-shift toolbox meetings, and a coordinated contractor effort.


As construction engineers that provide decisive design interpretation, we are well positioned on site to provide expert opinion and ensure the smooth delivery of pavement maintenance.